At Communiti, we believe perfection cannot be manufactured, only crafted.

Through hours of dedication, hard work and passion. And that’s what we did...

Using the traditional German imported malts, we’ve handcrafted the freshest craft beer around with love and joy in the traditional, timeless methods of brewing.

Without any preservatives, chemicals or any other filth. To ensure matchless texture, flavor and aroma.

So that with every sip, you enjoy the pure, rustic hit of beer, as it was meant to be.
Traditionally considered a summer drink, it can be served with a slice of orange or lemon. Has a tangy, slightly sour taste with notes of coriander and citrus. Made from 30 - 50% wheat malt, It is not filtered, so it remains flavourful, opaque and slightly cloudy.
ABV: 5.4% AVAILABLE IN: 330ml & 500ml
This is the most popular type of beer in the world. Golden in colour, this is a classic brew! Fermentation of this beer is slow and long. During the fermentation process, special yeast nourishes the beer with a special aroma and taste. Long production are the main secret of this beer, as shown in its name. Lager - in German means - Storage.
ABV: 5.5% AVAILABLE IN: 330ml & 500ml
When you pour this beer, you will notice that it has a cloudy, pale appearance owing to the suspended yeast in it. Hefeweizen is traditionally an unfiltered beer and the yeast is what actually gives the it a distinct aroma and flavour.
ABV: 5.2% AVAILABLE IN: 330ml & 500ml
The ales produced in Ireland are now largely in the Irish red ale style, which has a pale red colour, with malt and hops well-balanced with caramel sweetness. The combination of hops from various continents gives it a little balanced bitterness, with a distinctive aroma of malts, hops and pine.
ABV: 6.6% AVAILABLE IN: 330ml & 500ml
A special honey ale, brewed especially for happiness. Rich, soft and sweet taste of pure honey with alcoholic which is strongly saturated. Natural honey is used which gives this ale a unique aroma and a special herbal mixture for freshness! Not filtered and brewed following the age old recipe mixing wheat and barley malt, fermented with special beer yeast.
ABV: 6.5% AVAILABLE IN: 330ml & 500ml
Very dark, bitter, velvety ale. Obvious coffee-like aromas, due to toasted barley and roasted malt; Has a slight extra note of chocolate adding a velvety sweetness. The composition of this old recipe includes four different varieties of malt and special hops, which gives stout its unforgettable taste and aroma.
ABV: 5.3% AVAILABLE IN: 330ml & 500ml
Hoppy, moderately strong pale ale with characteristics that arise from the use of special malt, hops and yeast. A moderate presence of caramel malt is also present.
ABV: 7.6% AVAILABLE IN: 330ml & 500ml
Based on the special ingredients of the season, our brewmasters are always crafting something delicious for you to try. Ask your server for details.
AVAILABLE IN: 330ml & 500ml
a mix of hefe with freshly squeezed lime & a splash of sugar syrup is sure to uplift your spirits
a refreshing mixture of passion fruit monin, orange juice, topped with hefe to pep up your senses
a mingling of hefe with lime juice, a touch of sugar syrup & the zing of green chilli, rimmed with salt - the perfect antidote to a sunny day
a delicious blend of peach monin, mango juice and lime, topped up with hefe is the smoothest drink around
hefe, with a sweet kick of honey, apple juice & fresh lime juice is the quickest way to unwind and relax yourself